Alvaro Arts Exhibition 2018 NYC

Alvaro has evolved into a dynamic painter.  For over 30 years he has created brilliant pieces of some of your favorite supermodels.

Guests at Alvaro Arts Exhibition

Alvaro Arts exhibition.  Interviewed guests include Miss J Alexander, photographer Derrick Williams and Shaheed. Thanks to videographer Shawn Montgomery.

Broadway Designer Raymond Pizarro

 Raymond Pizarro is an American deisigner who resides in Harlem NY


Check out this great video

SuperModel Naomi Campbell

Check out this great video

Tyra Banks

Check out this great video

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

Check out this great video

Michael Kors 2018/2019

Michael Kors Fall Winter Fashion Show 2018/2019 featured a full collection for men and women.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2018/2019

Dolce & Gabbana never disappoints.  Their Fall Winter 2018/2019 was fire!  If you dream of being a model in a high-end fashion show, then study the way the girls walk along with their facial expressions and body language.

Chanel Fall Winter 2018/2019

This is the Paris Fashion Week show featuring the Chanel Falll Winter 2018/2019 fashion show by Karl Lagerfeld.

Model News Fashion Shows: Carlos Ayala is the winner!

Carlos Ayala is the winner of the male model competition with New Day Associates who is in their 40th year featuring models for the Model Of The Year competition.  CEO, John Blassingame has been the force behind this yearly competition.  Models fly in from all over the world to compete for fabulous prizes.

Kibrea Carmichael Interview

Kibrea Carmichael is the winner of the 40th Annual International Model of the Year competition produced by New Day Asssociates.

Interview with Dominick Pilli

Dominick Pilli is the president of the Entertainment Management Group Worldwide.  He is also responsible for the careers of aspiring models.

Interview with Marcus Blassingame

Marcus Blassingame has been a visionary in the world of fashion for years.  Now he heads up In Black magazine.

CEO Laff Mobb, Bob Sumner

Exclusive interview with one of the creators of Def Comedy Jam, Bob Sumner. He was one of the VIP judges at the 40th Annual Model of the Year competition.

Makeup Artist Jennifer Herbert

Great interviewing Jennifer Herbert who was one of the makup artists at the 40th Annual Model of the Year competition with New Day Associates.

40th Annual International Model of the Year competition

Host of iModel News, Belinda James 

is interviewing the fabulous Vernon Robinson who was the commentator for the annual model competition produced by New Day Associates.

Model News: Versace Spring Summer 2018

Participating in fashion shows and modeling competitions is a great way to let people see you in action and be included in model news articles.  Check out this interview we did with the winner of the 40th Annual Model of the Year competition sponsored by iModelNews

iModel News

Kate Spade Dead at 55

Kate Brosnahan Spade, the fashion designer and businesswoman, hanged herself in an apparent suicide Tuesday, June 5th 2018 at her Park Avenue Manhattan apartment, according to a New York Police Department source.


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